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Sales become relatively easy if you build a certain level of trust. A superior content on the internet will help you accomplish this goal. A good content will convert a potential customer into a lead.

Due to the internet, the customers are armed with more knowledge and better experience. This enables the customers to make better and more informed decisions. We see a large number of companies engaging in content marketing, because of this shift.

Why is content marketing important? 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before the customer already talks to the supplier. This is because a lot of information like the specifications, design, and price of the product is already provided to the customer by the internet and your competitors.

Here is a case study of B2B content marketing of Accleya Kale Ltd. With a global audience of just about 32,000, we were able to tap 15% of them organically. This feat was achieved by posting good and quality content and targeting like-minded persons to get better leads. 

Percentage of B2B leads on social media

  1. Linkedin- 80.33%
  2. Twitter- 12.73%
  3. Facebook- 6.73%
  4. Google+ – 0.21%
  • B2B marketing is most likely to convert between 1 and 4 pm
  • 1 in 3 posts that triggered engagement had a question mark in it
  • The posts that performed the best had 248 characters

Here are the top 5 B2B content marketing channels


Facts about Linkedin:

  • Linkedin has more than 300 million registered users
  • Linked has more than 3 million business pages
  • 33% of professionals are on Linkedin
  • 51% of customer have acquired B2B customer on LinkedIn
  • Linkedin drives more traffic to corporate websites and blogs than any other social network
  • It is the most effective social media platform for generating B2B leads and content
  • 80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies to enhance their decision making.
  • 50% of Linkedin members report that they are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on Linkedin.


  • Discussion groups: Connect with potential customers, customers and industry influencers
  • Company pages: Create a company description and overview. Include what your company does, specialities and what makes your business unique.
  • Personal profiles: Talk about your education, skills, interests. In short it is your resume


Facts about twitter

  • 87% of B2B marketers use Twitter to distribute content
  • Nearly 13% of all B2B social media leads come from Twitter
  • B2B marketers who use Twitter generate twice as many leads as those who don’t
  • B2B marketers rate Twitter as the second most effective social media platform


  • Position your company as a thought leader
  • Engage with your audience
  • Give your brand some personality


Facts about Facebook

  • 84% of B2B marketers use Facebook to distribute content
  • Despite being the third most-used social network by B2Bs, only 30% of B2B marketers say Facebook is effective for B2B marketing


  • Business page: Your facebook business page is an extension of your business. So share your updates and news to connect with your customers


Facts about Youtube

  • 74% of B2B marketers use YouTube to distribute content
  • YouTube is rated the third most effective B2B social media platform, behind only LinkedIn and Twitter
  • More than 70% of B2B buyers view product demonstration videos before making a purchase
  • 70% of B2B marketers plan to spend more time on YouTube next year


  • Create your company’s channel on youtube
  • Make your content stand out
  • Make your content personal

Slide Share

Facts about slide share

  •  37% of B2B marketers use SlideShare to distribute content
  • 41% of B2B marketers say SlideShare is effective for B2B marketing; the fourth most effective B2B social platform
  • SlideShare receives 500% more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn


  • Making your company presentation ie about your company’s mission, vision, strategy etc
  • Make a company presentation that shares information about the industry it belongs into.

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5 mistakes that you need to avoid as a designer


Design errors are inevitable when your client has his or her needs constantly changing and while you try and stabilise the idea junk to a spot where it hits sweet, there comes another change. This short guide will help you to garner better feedback thus reduce design errors.


1. Font overload

Many times we see posters with too many fonts stuffed into a few lines of text. While using different fonts and sizes grabs the viewers’ attention, overdoing them could lead to confusion for the viewers. The font may not even match the tone of the content. Try to stick to 2 or 3 familiar fonts per project.

2. Colour overload

Using too many colours can lead to your image looking clustered and informal. Understand the tone of the product, pick a few colours that suit it and use those for the design. If you are confused about the colours to be used, find sample colour pallets online and use those for your design.

3. Not sketching before designing

Sketching before designing will save you plenty of time. After understanding the product, make a rough design and analyse it. This will help you start off right and you won’t have to keep making changes to your design.

4. Not taking their time to understand the product

This is probably the most important. Every product has a different need, a different target audience and needs a different approach. Do not stick to one method of designing. Some may need a minimalistic design while others may need a lot of typography. Understanding the product and the company is a must. Your design must reflect what the product stands for not what you personally see in the product.

5. Failing to proofread

It is not uncommon for designers to make errors in typography or design. Sometimes, they get so engrossed in the work that they don’t realise a mistake looking them straight in the eye. Take breaks while working to ensure that your brain is functioning fully. After finishing the design, be sure to show it to an external. An outside eye could help point out any errors that you may have missed out on.

www: Three letters that changed the wwwworld

537f1de72783bd9d0bc8ad1daa803ad2Change is inevitable. Never before though, has the world changed at the pace it has in the last few decades. Change, or evolution, is not only inevitable, it is necessary. Without it, we would still be living in trees. In the last five decades, man has landed on the moon. He has sent up satellites to orbit the earth. Today, there are so many of them that they are in gridlock. Surgical and medical diagnostic techniques have become very sophisticated resulting in the early detection and much less painful treatment of life threatening diseases. Orbiting optical telescopes and ground based radio telescopes are, today, able to see stars and galaxies  that are about 13 billion light years away. In effect, we can see things today as they appeared 13 billion years ago without any way of knowing that what we see still exists. The commonplace things of today would be  seen as marvels by people living in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Awe inspiring as all these inventions and developments are none has affected the daily life of people around the globe as has the Internet. The Internet, although it was accessible to a select few, was made available to the general public in 1992. This one act breached the dam which held back knowledge and released it to the thirsty people downstream. Over the years it began to provide, apart from knowledge, entertainment, interaction with your friends and groups of people with common interests. It also made handwritten letters teeter on the edge of obsolescence. People with access to a computer or an internet enabled mobile phone, and there are billions of them, communicate with each other by e-mail which is an abbreviation of electronic mail.


The internet is a construct of immense complexity, yet, for it’s users it is easily and instantly available anywhere in the world. What is surprising that using it is absolutely free. Who then pays to keep it up and running. You, the user, do but in an indirect way. This needs a bit of explaining. You pay about 3 to 5 rupees for the printed newspaper that is delivered to you every morning. If you think that is all the money it takes to produce what you read every morning, you are dead wrong. If you take into account the cost of gathering the news, setting it in type, printing it on humungous machines which cost many bombs, the paper it is printed on, the folding and the distribution to hundreds of thousands households, the amount you pay for a single copy is a pittance. Who then makes up the difference between the sale price and the total production costs? Advertising revenue. It is the money an advertiser pays to get his ad published in the newspaper. For a newspaper with a large circulation, this money is very, very substantial considering the number of ads every edition carries.

ee3b2a77b66217d7ac2001eb83720a57This is true, too, of the Internet. Every popular site has a number of pop up ads. These are paid for by the advertiser. Ads are the stuff that oils the gears of the Internet. And why would an advertiser pay for his ad to be seen on the Internet, or for that matter, in a newspaper. It’s all about exposure, stupid. If you are a manufacturer of a product or provider of a service who would know anything about your product or service unless you advertised it. Remember, anyone who advertises spends a lot of money doing it. Also remember that everybody who spends money on advertising expects results. The only result an advertiser is interested in is increased sales. Therefore, it is up to the advertising agency which designs the ad to do so in such a way that his client’s money does not go down the drain.

The essentials of a good ad are the same for any medium you use. A good ad must entice, excite and enthuse. A successful ad must first entice the viewer to look at it. The visual element of the ad must be so powerfully attractive that it arrests the reader’s eye. It should make him spell bound and compel him to delve further into the ad to learn what it is all about. Once that is accomplished, the text of the ad, the copy, should be written so cleverly and convincingly (a bit of tongue-in-the-cheek is permitted) that the reader is so excited
about the product that he feels it is something made just for him. He must have it. He is finally so enthused that he goes and buys what is being advertised. Product sold. Job done. The pat on the back can come later. There is much more to be sold. Go sell! The only thing is that when you design an ad for the Internet make sure, because of the shortened exposure time, that it is stylish, smartly written and oh, so sweet.

A viral video created by us for a well known author for his book Front Seat

When Aditya Kripalani (@adityakripalani), the well acclaimed author buzzed us for creating a cool review based short film for this newly published book Front Seat, we were honoured. We thought, why not spread the magic here too 🙂

If you are really looking for a short 10 minute break from work or anything else you might be doing, give this video a watch. And yes, did we mentioned we have covered celebs like Shiamak Davar, Suchitra Pillai and Angad Bedi lauding about how good the book is and how the characters have blown them away.

Cheers and Enjoy!

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Where have we been lately?… All questions answered.

Hello there! We know its been long since we have said Hello. To say the truth, lot of things have happened all this while. Online Interviews, rolling out of our new branding, new office and yes… new accounts 🙂

Online Interviews

BMS.co.in was kind enough to get in touch with us and ask our Creative Director to answer a couple of entrepreneur based questions. Nitin PR (Creative Director) being a BMS Student himself had some really cool insights to share on how his work changed his life. You can catch that here.

Silicon India which is a Monster in India’s IT news and development covered our agency and Nitin PR for an exclusive interview for its website. Here is the link.

We are sure this is just the beginning of our footprint in the Digital World. This makes us even more confident of the wonderful work we do for our clients.

Our new Branding

OK! This is not the final draft but we are pondering over some ideas for our new brand identity. Since the time we decided we need a new identity, the only words that keep popping up in Nitin’s head is #magic #hat #madhatter and the list goes on… He made a rough draft of two logos and we loved them both, however we are working on a few more and shall launch the same with our newly designed website.

Just a few rough drafts of our new brand identity.

New Office & New Accounts.

We have finally settled with our team members and the Board in our swanky Andheri West office. It so good to have the wiz kids in Design, Development and Online Marketing all under one roof actually creating marvels. Splendid.

And yes, with the advent and growth of Digital Marketing activities now an integral part of every Company big and small, we have cracked a new account in the same domain. We now handle the Digital Marketing (Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimisation) for a Airline Finance and Business Intelligence IT Giant better known as Accelya to the entire world and the Airline/Aviation Industry. The activities and campaigns solely circle around online B2B conversations on Linkedin, Twitter, Slideshare and Youtube. We have just started work on it and its been doing great. You can even follow the company for some interesting Aviation updates.

Thats all from us. Some really interesting websites we are working on currently which shall be updated on our website very soon. So stay tuned and stay updated.

Long Live DIGITAL 🙂

Social Media Management! Why?

As the owner of a business, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be taking advantage of the incredible marketing power of Social Media outlets. It’s no secret that millions and millions of people are on social media sites daily. Did you know that social media is the second most engaged-in activity on the Internet after email checking? And did you know that if Facebook were a country it would be the third most populous in the world?

What this means to any business online or offline is that there’s a congregation of potential customers just browsing these sites in their idle hours when they might be bored and have nothing else to do. This is a perfect opportunity to drop a bee in their bonnet about you and your business. Thousands of companies have done this, and thousands have found success.

Our Social Media Client

However, for an offline business attempting to tackle the social media market, you’ll have an easier time, if you approach it with proper attitude. While both online and offline businesses will use social media as a way to engage the customer, the online business deals with social media the way that an offline business would have is television ads. It’s a straight way to the sale, since a customer visiting an online business’ site is doing the closest thing to physically visiting the business itself.

If you have an offline business, this is not the case, as the customer is ostensibly at a computer and not at your physical place of business while browsing social networking sites. It’s important to consider this difference and use it to take a different approach to advertising your offline business using social media. While an online business is bringing customers to the storefront, you should be looking to create an impression of your business and try to entice them to come to the physical store.

Our Social Media client

While it is definitely advantageous to consider making an online version of your site for ease of purchasing, you want to have the customer come to your physical store. This means creating awareness of your products, brand, content, and expertise – and creating that drive to experience the whole package by going to your store.

While it’s likely that the most profitable way for offline business to generate customers in terms of long-term revenue is still offline, the virtual market is taking off fast, and it’s likely that the current state of affairs will change over the next five years. Now is a good time to get involved with marketing through social media and figuring out how it can best serve your offline business before it takes off to a whole new level.

We at NPR Design believe in serving your organisation with our best Social Media Management Tools and taking it to an entirely new level.

Because you must give your brand the position it deserves!

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Think BIG and Kick ASS and how much we love Donald. Day 1.

Donald Trump for NPR DesignI, Nitin PR will today admit that Mr. Donald Trump and his books has been the driving force behind NPR Design’s super creative and successful work which is why I thought to my self why should not all our blog readers get to know why is Mr. Trump so darn awesome. We present you the Donald Trump month. The whole month we post pointers related to the book “Think BIG and Kick Ass” and explain how has the same helped us so much. Its time we give something back to the society.

DAY 1 key pointers.

1. Dream big because what you dream is what you do : We at NPR dreamed of becoming India’s preferred communications agency and look now, we are almost there. It’s the dream and the passion our team shares which drives us to provide work our clients love.

2. If you want to make tons of money; do not be shy : set a big goal : A goal to become a Worldwide preferred communications agency is on our list NOW.

3. Be lean and hungry. At every level, set even higher goals and challenges and achieve them : A lot of web technologies which were alien to us when we first started proved to be a challenge and now we cannot live without them 🙂

4. Take action every day and stay focused for the long haul : Each day is a new day filled with exciting new java tweaks and new design trends in web and print. Our passion and focus for the same helps us be ready for the long haul.

5. Soak up more and more knowledge each day so you know what you are doing : All our graphic and web design projects exhibit out of the box design and development displays. We read a lot. We experiment a lot too.Our clients swear by the same.

6. Pride yourself on your ability to provide creative solutions to tough problems : We don’t call ourselves a communications agency for nothing. We just do not design and develop : We also conceptualize and plan projects for our clients. It’s a one stop shop.

7. Never take NO for an answer : NO… ahaan what? 😉 Yes or we can at least try is all we understand.

8. Learn to trust your gut : Flash is not always the answer to the glitz and glam anime on a website. We understand that.

9. Hire the best people and don’t trust them : A slight correction, WE LOVE OUR TEAM (trust them too).

10. Get even with people who do you wrong : Our work talks. Thats all.

Hope day 1 has been quite a meaningful one. Will update more soon. 🙂 Don’t forget to visit us on facebook

It’s a maze, WE help you reach your goal.



Visit us at Start-up City 2011

Yepp. NPR design is in these 4 years is participating in Silicon India’s 5th successful installment of Start-up City being held in Mumbai this Saturday, the 24th of September, 2011.

NPR Design for Silicon India's Startup City 2011, Mumbai.

It feels very good to finally present what we love to do most.

Graphic & Print Design (view work here)

Website Design & Development (view work here)

Online PR & Social Media (facebook.com/twclindia)

We will also get a 2 min presentation cum elevator pitch opportunity to pitch our business to various well-known Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors (view here)

Our Booth number is 10 just incase you decide to pay a visit. Look for a cool and colorful booth. Thats gonna be ours 😉

Thats it for now! You have a super day.


Nitin PR

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