How mindfulness rewires your brain to be more innovative

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment. When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad.

Being mindful means that you shift from being caught up in thinking to being aware of thinking. A lot of us do this every day, for short periods of time. However, we are not aware of it, and we do not make it last for a long time.

Being mindful is to be aware or being aware. In a way, it gives you freedom from your mind. Our thoughts control our actions, but do we control our thoughts? Most people don’t. Our thoughts can be negative. They can affect our performance and happiness. However, when we are aware of our thought process, that is, when we see thinking objectively, we have greater control over it. You are at point A and thinking is at point B. You are observing it happening from a distance without any judgement.

When you become self-aware of all the actions that you do and your thought process during those activities, your effectiveness and happiness are no longer subject to your thoughts. Negative thoughts may occur but you are at a distance from it.

Moving on to innovation, it can be defined as the action of coming up with a new idea, method or product. Innovation provides a better solution to a problem, a method to speed up a process or an easier and more sustainable way to perform a task.  

What an innovator does, is simply observe the happenings around them and think about how to improve them, whether it is to make a new product or introduce a new system.

An innovator is not born that way. Anyone could be innovative if they tried to.

The process, however, involves a self-conscious effort to be innovative. This is where mindfulness comes in.

By being mindful about each action you perform through the day, you slowly move away from the default mode of performing the operations. When you put thought into these activities, your brain will suggest ways to improve what you are doing. This mindfulness is a start to being innovative. You rewire your brain to think consciously about everything you do; hence, you come up with methods to improve everything around you. You start questioning every task and try to make the best of every second. Most of us don’t actively think while doing chores like washing dishes, or waiting in traffic. You would have made your time more efficient just by keeping your mind open at those times and thinking about your present.

According to studies conducted by top institutions like Harvard and Yale, mindfulness has also been reported to improve the immune system function, increase resilience to stress, improve ability to cope with pain, reduce anxiety, improve decision-making skills and improve emotional intelligence.



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