Social Media Marketing and its Laws

Social media marketing can be defined as the process of gaining website traffic through social media sites but it is so much more.

It not just increases sales but helps you connect with your Target Group (TG) and build a stronger and more trustworthy brand image. It also helps you reach out to new customers, do damage control, keep up with competition, and share your story with a vast audience. What’s better, you can do all this without spending a dime!

We move on to the 10 laws of social media marketing.

The Law of Listening

Read your audience by listening to what they say and do. Analysis every image, and text put up about you or aimed at you. Understand what they want and create content accordingly.

The Law of Focus

Have a focused strategy towards a particular audience. Don’t try to please everyone at the same time.

The Law of Quality

Quality is the king. It runs social media and ensures conversions. A large quantity may get you viewers or traffic but not customers.

The Law of Patience  

Gaining followers is a steady process. Keep posting great content regularly and the followers will build up.

The Law of Compounding

Good content that you post online gets picked up by your audience and they in turn share it with their friends and followers. This makes it easier for you to get picked up by Google hence bringing in more traffic.

The Law of Influence

Look for people in your field who have a large following and who have a great influence over the internet. If they see you as a useful source of information, they might share your content, widening your audience. Eg: Bloggers.

The Law of Value

Don’t just focus on marketing your product all the time. Your audience will get bored. Try to create strong relations with them and with online influencers. This will take you a long way and keep you in the game.  

The Law of Acknowledgment

Never ignore someone who reaches out to you. Engage all your audience and build strong relations with them.

The Law of Accessibility

Be consistent with your content and post content or engage your audience regularly. Get in on online forums and discussions based on your content and be accessible to your audience at all times.

The Law of Reciprocity

Use some of your time sharing content made by other people and talking about them. Helping each other up the ladder is the best way to go.


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