3 must watch ads of 2015

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  1. The Ad Council “Love Has No Labels.”

This ad by The Ad Council was the perfect way for them to illustrate that, deep down, all human beings are the same, despite their sexual preferences. They set up a giant X-ray screen in Santa Monica, Calif., on Valentine’s Day, and had the cameras rolling as real people of different genders, abilities and sexual orientations danced behind it—and then stepped out in front, delighting the curious audience.

2.Google “Furever Friends.”

This ad made to promote Android was not only the most shared ad of 2015 but also the most-shared ad of all time, according to video ad tech company Unruly. This ad also promotes the message of being happy despite our differences. It is a collection of videos of different species of animals hanging out together and loving each other, despite their differences.

3. Fanpage.It “Slap her.”

This video has been viewed more than 31 million times on YouTube. It is a three-minute video where boys aged 6- to 11-years-old are asked to slap the girl in front of them — watch their reactions. The ad does a brilliant job of addressing domestic violence and makes us stop and think about how or at what point did it become okay?  

All three of these ads stole our hearts in 2015. They had a relevant message to convey and fought against stereotypes in a fun and peaceful way. We hope to see better and plenty more ads this year!


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