5 Tools Everyone In The Digital Marketing Industry Should Be Using


  1. Canva

Canva can be used to create unique images, posters, covers, anything that needs graphic designing. It’s a one-stop spot for designing. The site is very user-friendly and will make you completely forget about photoshop. There is a paid and an unpaid version available. You can purchase pictures and use them in your graphic content. We strongly recommend this tools for all those who need to make daily digital media posts.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to find out exactly where your traffic is coming from. You get all kind of visitor data on your site. Which pages are being visited the most, what the visitors do when they come to your site, etc. In other words, it helps you figure out what is working for your website and what’s not.


MailChimp one of the most powerful email marketing platforms on the market. MailChimp’s incredibly simplistic platform structure and freemium plan make it easy for even some of the most amateur email marketers to get setup with robust email campaigns. It is very user-friendly and allows you to make sophisticated looking emails with ease.


Facebook is one tool that should never be overlooked. Whether it is B2B or B2C marketing, all brands have a strong presence on Facebook. ‘The world is on facebook.’ This sentence aptly applies for facebook. The number of users signing on to facebook per minute is immense. You may be sponsoring, advertising or even just running a page but it needs to have a facebook presence to reach out to the masses.


Twitter is the social media powerhouse. It helps you reach out and engage your customers in a two-way dialogue. Twitter is not about spamming your customers with your products but about conversing with them and involving them in everything you do. It helps you amplify your voice on the internet. It can draw an incredible amount of traffic towards your brand.


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