Why should one join a start-up?

01-04-2016 (1)

In the recent years, the start-up trend in India has taken off and bloomed.  As per NASSCOM’s “Startup-India: Momentous Rise of Indian Startup Ecosystem” report, India ranks third globally with over 4200 start-ups. These start-ups are driven by factors such as massive funding, consolidation activities, evolving technology and a burgeoning domestic market.

Most youngsters prefer working at a start-up to working at a corporation, and they have a good reason for it too.

Start-ups give you the chance to grow both professionally and personally at a very fast rate. When you work for a start-up, you live a fast paced life in general. You work with people your age and together (with the business), all of you grow. Everything you do shows results and you learn from those. There is a thrill in seeing results for all your work. It keeps you motivated. You see all the people working around you and learn from them. Start-ups usually have a small team of workers, therefore communication is a lot easier than in case of corporations. Since start-ups have somewhat of a flat structure, there is not much hierarchy. This way people with more experience are able to help you out with anything you need and you directly gain knowledge from them. You can also be more open and comfortable when you don’t have to fear the boss. You have as much responsibility in the future of the company as the next person. As you see the company grow, you feel a sense of ownership towards it. This is what keeps your passion alive and is your drive for working harder. The work you do in a start-up directly affects the growth. It make a real difference and has a significant impact on the business. Start-ups are also the best place to experiment with any ideas you might have. You are always encouraged to be as innovative as possible and all your efforts are recognised.

Another huge advantage is the office culture. Since most start-ups are small, you will have a chance to get to know your co-workers very personally and create a bond with everyone on the team. Working at a start-up is like being part of a close-knit family, where you can be yourself. A small team of people you can trust completely. This is the team that leads the company forward and aligns with the vision and the mission. In most cases, there are no fixed job roles. You can take up as many responsibilities as you like and try out different fields of work. There is no dearth of opportunities in a start-up.  Most start-ups even have flexible working hours, though that might not be the case with all.

Here is what Aashna Gurav, a young start-up worker has to say: “When I was still in college earlier this year, I was completely unsure of what my calling is, while most of my friends had already ‘planned’ what was best for them, I happened to sit for an interview with a start-up and I knew I did not want anything else apart from my infamous “start-up” job.

Sticking to our core values and always remembering the essence of why we started, working in such an environment is an absolute pleasure. Today, I work for a product as zealously as everyone else in my organisation, with an intense fascination to absorb and learn without limits, along with sharing the excitement of being a part of a company that is growing so aggressively each day. I feel pampered at work; we are a team of foodies and we believe that productivity comes with a stomach full. We believe in having an all-day breakfast, fruits at 4 and do not mind getting treated to pizza at all.”

Overall, start-ups are perfect for young individuals who wish to grow and gain practical experience. You get to be a part of something big and be there for it from the beginning. In the end, the skills you pick up can be compared to nothing else and will stay with you no matter what you do later in life.


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