5 mistakes that you need to avoid as a designer


Design errors are inevitable when your client has his or her needs constantly changing and while you try and stabilise the idea junk to a spot where it hits sweet, there comes another change. This short guide will help you to garner better feedback thus reduce design errors.


1. Font overload

Many times we see posters with too many fonts stuffed into a few lines of text. While using different fonts and sizes grabs the viewers’ attention, overdoing them could lead to confusion for the viewers. The font may not even match the tone of the content. Try to stick to 2 or 3 familiar fonts per project.

2. Colour overload

Using too many colours can lead to your image looking clustered and informal. Understand the tone of the product, pick a few colours that suit it and use those for the design. If you are confused about the colours to be used, find sample colour pallets online and use those for your design.

3. Not sketching before designing

Sketching before designing will save you plenty of time. After understanding the product, make a rough design and analyse it. This will help you start off right and you won’t have to keep making changes to your design.

4. Not taking their time to understand the product

This is probably the most important. Every product has a different need, a different target audience and needs a different approach. Do not stick to one method of designing. Some may need a minimalistic design while others may need a lot of typography. Understanding the product and the company is a must. Your design must reflect what the product stands for not what you personally see in the product.

5. Failing to proofread

It is not uncommon for designers to make errors in typography or design. Sometimes, they get so engrossed in the work that they don’t realise a mistake looking them straight in the eye. Take breaks while working to ensure that your brain is functioning fully. After finishing the design, be sure to show it to an external. An outside eye could help point out any errors that you may have missed out on.


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