Web Hosting… All questions answered.

Hello Design Lovers and My dearest Clients.

This post shall inform and educate you about the good Web Hosting Services that shall give u 99.9% Uptime and yepp, they are pretty fast.

I am a Web Designer myself and i do know that the safety and efficiency of the my client’s sites is of utmost importance to my client and me. (Whose neck are they gonna hold once they find out that the womb in which they laid their baby is not safe)

Yepp, so in this post, i will be listing certain do’s and dont’s of purchasing Web Hosting and also the Top Ten Web Hosting People out there for whom your baby is super precious. (You could probably just click on the Banners and purchase one right away)

I am sure you have questions which need to be answered. So here are they…

Light Bulb for NPR DesignDo’s and Dont’s.

1. Always do select a Hosting Plan which offers you an Effective Bandwidth Management. Just having a 100 GB Bandwidth is not enough. Its gotta work. There is possibility of a thousand views and downloads from your site. You don’t want your visitors to wait for ages. They did not commit a crime by visiting your site.

2. Select a Hosting service that stores Back-up of your site data onto another server. What if this server crashes. Your site shall be murdered.

3. A 24/7/365 Live and Phone numbered Customer Care which have actual Humans answering queries and who guide you well and not just plain make more money out of you by luring you more to their crappy products.

4. Make sure that if a site is offering a $50 USD for an entire year and offering about 10 GB worth of space, they have over a million sites hosted on the same server. The concept of Shared Hosting as “they say it” is not overcrowding one’s space with too many websites. I believe in a $70 USD offering 1 GB space and yes that is a trust worthy and honest Hosting service.

5. Never hire a Hosting Service which goes down often and you are stuck for hours in front of the Customer Care Chat Applet hoping and waiting for that one 7 step procedure to get your site up and running. Too much Drama that is.

A lot of these points must have scared you and that is where WE come in. The following links below are some trustworthy Web Hosting Services. Just Click, check out whats best suited for you and Purchase (if you need. I am sure you are looking to purchase otherwise you would have not reached reading the post till here).

Happy Hosting. And yes, We not just talk but also work… Our Profile site : NPR Design and our Work Portfolio : NPR’s Work shall talk now. Hire us as your Web Designer and we will do you Proud 🙂

Here you go. A job made easy.
Until our next post. Happy World to you. And yes… Please don’t forget to fill up our Email Subscription form below on the right hand corner. After-all you have to be updated on SSUP in the Happy Design World.

Nitin PR

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  1. Where did you got this much info on your blog from?? Also can i take the
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